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Metal Tags

Metal Tags

Standard metal tags are available in Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Brass. Our Metal Tags come in a variety of stock sizes as well as custom sizes. We have stock valve tags which are consecutively numbered or we can make custom tags to suit your needs. You can order circular tags or rectangular tags. There is also an option for rounded corners.

The Anodized Aluminum comes in black, blue, red, gold, green, and bronze. Note: the anodized colours are not UV stable and will fade over time if in the sun. The fade time depends on the colour, red fades fastest and black lasts the longest. The etched writing on the tags will not fade, however the contrast will change over time as the colour fades.

Our tags come in rectangular and circular shapes.

The standard rectangular sizes are 6"x4", 4.5"x3", 3"x2", 5"x1.25", 4"x1", 3"x 0.75" we also have cable tags in 3.5"x0.75"

The standard circular sizes are 2", 1.5", 1-3/8", and 1" in diameter. For stainless steel the 1-3/8" and the 1" tags are a special order.

Customization is our claim to fame. Click here for a quote. Tags as low as $0.18 with volume discounts!